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About Digital Trustmark

The Digital Trustmark is a symbol of assurance in Nigeria’s digital landscape, designed to instill confidence in e-government, e-business, e-transactions, and other online services. As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and trust, the Digital Trustmark is awarded to online entities that adhere to stringent guidelines and a code of conduct, ensuring a secure digital environment for all users.

Online entities can obtain the Digital Trustmark through our trusted third-party partners, known as Digital Trustmark Issuers. By displaying the Digital Trustmark, organizations demonstrate their dedication to providing safe, reliable, and trustworthy online services, promoting a more confident and secure digital experience for everyone.

Join us in building a secure digital future for Nigeria. Look for the Digital Trustmark and be assured of the highest standards in digital trust and security.




Benefits of the Digital TrustMark


Competitive Advantage




Public Trust
Digital Economy Growth

How to get the Digital Trustmark

NITDA Regulations

Adhere to NITDA Trustmark related Standards, Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

FCCPA 2018

Comply with Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2018 Get Verified by Licensed Digital


Get Verified by Licensed Digital Trustmark Issuer


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