Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Digital Trustmark Issuers?

Digital Trustmark Issuers are third-party companies, licensed by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), to verify and issue Trustmarks to online entities

What role do Digital Trustmark Issuers play in the trust ecosystem?

As a Digital Trustmark Issuer, you play a crucial role in fostering integrity and collaboration within the new trust ecosystem. By verifying the legitimacy of online enterprises, you promote the growth of these businesses and help establish a strong digital economy that values security, transparency, and trust.

How does NITDA support Digital Trustmark Issuers?

NITDA licenses Digital Trustmark Issuers as authorized entities, empowering them to verify and certify online enterprises. This licensing ensures that issuers meet the required standards for credibility and trustworthiness.

What is the significance of verification services provided by Digital Trustmark Issuers?

 The verification services provided by Digital Trustmark Issuers are critical to achieving the aims of the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and DIgital Economy’s STrategic Blueprint, towards improving the nations economy and growing intra Africa trade. These services contribute to creating a trustworthy digital environment, which is essential for the growth and security of the digital economy.

How do Digital Trustmarks benefit online enterprises?

Digital Trustmarks benefit online enterprises by enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers. This can lead to increased customer confidence, higher engagement, and improved business growth.

Why is trust important in the digital economy?

Trust is fundamental in the digital economy because it ensures that online interactions and transactions are secure and reliable. Trust encourages users to engage with online services and products, thereby fostering economic growth and innovation.

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